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AMAZINGFOOD.IT is the result of the strongly sought encounter of three different subjects from the same territory (Italy's northeast) that share the passion for good quality food and the belief that there shouldn't be any geographical boundaries for good taste. Today, thanks to a close network of producers, Amazing Food is able to guarantee an e-commerce that can meet the taste of a demanding and aware clientele with products that have a short label and an even shorter supply chain.

AMAZINGFOOD.IT expresses what all the people in the world think when they get in touch with a product that is Made in Italy. brings to the tables of the world extraordinary flavors discovered all along the peninsula, drawing from local knowledge, ancient traditions and contemporary creations.

Through the site, managed like a precious display window of the Italian excellence, anyone can browse pages full of amazing food and meet the protagonists of taste, the producers who personally guarantee the quality of the products that you can buy.

AMAZINGFOOD.IT according to Carola Ducoli

Carola Ducoli

I love encounter and contamination. I like to blend photography, music, dance and video art.

Carola Ducoli, born in 1990, graduated in Applied Art in 2009 at the State Art Institute of Chiavari. In 2012, she completed her education at the Italian Institute of Photography in Milan and began her artistic adventure. Carola likes to mix various means of expression (photography, music, dance, video art) and, in collaboration with other artists, she creates works of mixed arts, where techniques and styles meet and melt.