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Besides being a charming restaurant built inside a farmhouse in the heart of Rimini, Bio's Kitchen is also a catering format that keeps a clear promise: inform through the palate and good food. Its offer, all bio or vegan, wants to make organic products and a natural diet available to everybody, through recipes that do not give up flavors and taste.

BIOSKITCHEN.IT is the kitchen that respects and helps life. It represents the last stage of a project started more than 10 years ago with the success of “Bio's Café” with which it shares the same passion for a diet that, even when it is quick or convenient, can be healthy.

The web is the ideal place to tell their deep attachment to the value of life quality. On the site pages, you will see the faces of a team that dreams to grow through an innovative franchising format, ready to spread all over Italy.

BIOSKITCHEN.IT according to Nicola Cordì

Nicola Cordì

I live and work in Milan as photographer and video-maker

Nicola Cordì was born in Calabria in 1988. He began working as assistant to a photographer when he was seventeen, and attended the photography course at the school “Pigrecoemme” in Naples. He later moved to Milan to attend the two-year course at the Italian Institute of Photography. Currently, he lives in Milan where he works as photographer and video-maker.