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The Consortium COBI Birragricola is formed by barley growers from all over Italy, who are at the same time also brewers of craft beer. Each brewer belonging to the Consortium must use a certain amount of autoctonous barley far higher than the quantity set by the current laws, thus ensuring a final product of excellent quality and with a short supply chain.

COBIBIRRAGRICOLA.IT is the acronym for the Italian Consortium of Barley Growers and Beer Brewers. It is an association that collects barley growers from all over Italy and that, in addition to providing them with technological support, fights every day to protect at normative level the production of Italian craft beer. The result is Birragricola, a brand of excellence that defines an extraordinary product made with the best Italian barley.

On the Cobi page, anyone can find information on the initiatives of the consortium and on the spirit of cooperation that formed it. Online, greeting the visitors, there is a space dedicated to malt rather than beer, to discover its precious use at nutrition level and all the forms and varieties in which it is marketed.

COBIBIRRAGRICOLA.IT according to Alessandro Vullo

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