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The Girolomoni cooperative picks up the spiritual legacy of his founder Gino Girolomoni and distributes all around the world the sacred fruits of the land where it comes from, keeping high the values of organic agriculture and biodiversity. However, the teachings of Gino Girolomoni do not live only in his products: the work of the cooperative is supported by the commitment of the foundation that recounts the values of the man who, besides being a tireless farmer, has also been a pioneer of organic farming and a fine thinker.

GIROLOMONI.IT like the name of the man who founded it in 1977, when it still had a different name but the same objectives of today: a return to the origins and to the genuine life in the fields, made of hard work and of a natural and uncontaminated spirituality.

All of the aspects of this enterprise, from the commercial ones to its founding values, find room in the Girolomoni website, where every product is told starting from the culture that produced it, and any activity is explained in the light of the philosophy that inspired it.

GIROLOMONI.IT according to Giulia Laddago

Giulia Laddago

I study, I work, and in my free time, walk aimlessly.

Giulia Laddago was born in Bari in 1990. After obtaining the high school diploma, she moved to Milan, to attend the Italian Institute of Photography and the degree course in Foreign Languages and Literatures of the Università degli Studi in Milan. While studying, she worked as a freelance photographer and assistant in the fashion sector. She uses whatever time she has left in cooking and walking aimlessly.