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The agricultural cooperative of organic growers LA TERRA E IL CIELO was founded in 1980 thanks to the brave and pioneering initiative of its founding partners, in a historical period when conventional agriculture was the mainstream choice and organic growing was a basically unknown niche sector. Today, besides representing the organic production of a region with an important farming tradition, such as Marche, the cooperative is busy in promoting and defending the organic culture through free educational programs, training, workshops, meetings and an active political commitment.

LATERRAEILCIELO.IT is a domain that combines two opposite, though not contrasting elements. In between, man should find his space not only to protect the environment, but also to regain the dignity of his essence. That's why the cooperative works every day without losing contact with the values of solidarity, justice, and respect for nature, for which it was born.

The website of La terra e il Cielo tells every day the adventure of those who have believed in this project from the start. On the page of the cooperative, you can find all the small and big conquests made over the years through commitment, sweat and cooperation.

LATERRAEILCIELO.IT according to Daniele Pavesi

Daniele Pavesi

What will I do when I grow up? I'll think about it tomorrow.

Daniele Pavesi enrolled with the Italian Institute of Photography after his return from New York, a city that taught him to see things in a different way. Design and Architecture always fascinated him, not only as a pure aesthetic form, but mostly for the interaction that they establish between man and space. Today, to tell his point of view, he collaborates with several architect firms in Milan. What will he do when he grows up? He'll think about it tomorrow.