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Paniere di Puglia is a consortium that represents, protects and exports the best food and wines of one of the areas richest with flavors of Apulia and of Italy: the Murgia of the Trulli. Thanks to its vicinity to the territory that it represents, Paniere di Puglia can recount its region through itineraries of taste that take the visitors right where the flavors come from, to involve them in an experience of full immersion into the colors of Apulia.

PANIEREDIPUGLIA.IT, a domain that gathers and represents all the products of Apulia. The consortium works every day to send around the world the famous products of this land, like the extra virgin olive oil, the liqueurs, the cheeses, the taralli and the focaccias, the preserves and the cured meats.

Through its page, the consortium invites you to discover the many businesses that have decided to join an initiative able to promote them, also through guided tours to explore Puglia, led by all of your five senses.

PANIEREDIPUGLIA.IT according to Sanni Agostinelli

Sanni Agostinelli

Photographer and postproducer: the passion for images, from the photo to the TV.

Sanni Agostinelli was born in Bari on September 2, 1992. After finishing the Classic Studies in High School, she moved to Milan to study at the Italian Institute of Photography, an institution that she still cherishes and with which she is still collaborating. Since October 2014, she has been working both as a freelance photographer and a postproducer for important TV shows.