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Since 1981 Le Macchie has been a house and a place of experimentation at the same time. In an uncontaminated corner of the province of Pisa, Paolo and his large family farm autochthonous breeds like the Maiale Nero (Black Pig) and make cured meats according to an ancient tradition. There, they rediscover their personal relationship with nature, at the pace of the changing seasons and still there, they cultivate their passion for the search of flavors that alone can recount an extraordinary story.

PAOLOPARISI.IT is the signature of an outsider of the Italian agricultural production. The eggs he produces, from naturally grown hens fed with goat's milk, are among the most precious creations in the world, sought after by the best chefs of the planet. His name means attention to the detail and a concrete sense of “creativity”, which means, as he often loves to point out, “giving a sense to transformation”.

Recounted like works of art, even on the web, the products of Paolo Parisi are able to leave a mark. Page after page, you will begin to savor the intensity of the passion that drives the producers.

PAOLOPARISI.IT according to Gianluca Micheletti

Gianluca Micheletti

I was late in discovering photography, but I took a run at it.

Gianluca Micheletti was born in 1972 in the province of Bergamo and, although he was fascinated by images since he was a child, began shooting only in 2012. After a workshop with Sara Munari in Berlin, he decided to work full time to his new passion and began attending the evening courses of the Italian Institute of Photography, winning a scholarship in 2013 and a Project Book in 2014. To confirm a fulfilled vocation, he has collected in a few years an astonishing number of awards, and still today he continues to attend the Institute to improve his skills in the Food Photography sector.